Femininity #1 – Don’t Post Your Vulgar Photos on Social Media

Women. In the beginning God created Adam. He saw that it is not good for man to be alone, then God created Eve, a woman, a creature that is able to drive men and inspire men for great things.

Men can be very destructive, but with the presence of woman, a men can bring order to his life. There is a greater chance that man will be inspired by woman than by God. That is the power of woman. Unfortunately many women these days are posting their half-naked pictures on social media. Do you know how that inspires men? Those half-naked pictures only inspire men to masturbate. If you are a woman and you have a millions of followers on your social media… That means that millions of men are masturbating on you. Does that sounds flattering to you? Maybe it does but it is wrong. Those are demonic forces. Pornography is widely spread and it is definitely the most viewed ”thing” on the Internet. Right now there is probably more people on this planet that are regularly watching pornography than people that are regularly studying the Bible and reading a word from God.

Men should not masturbate on the naked pictures and videos of women, but female body is so attractive and Internet is providing an abundance of this explicit material. It would be much…

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