Random Thoughts #1 – Theology vs. Faith

There is theology and there is faith. Difference is huge. Theology is only for chosen one, but faith is for everybody. One requires the intellect and the other one requires a courageous heart. Theology is fun and interesting, but it is not enough. Intellect is not enough. It is always searching for errors. Intellect is always skeptical and that is a good thing. Reasoning and logical thinking are gift from God so that we can protect ourselves and that we can differentiate good from evil, but… to face everyday challenges, we need faith. Theology is dividing us. Everybody interpret the Bible in their own way. We have Catholics, Orthodox, Christians and many more. Theology is dividing us while faith unites us. There is only one God and one Jesus Christ. He was sacrificed for our sins. If we understand that Holy Spirit can heal us, inspire us, strengthens us, then we should live life with more faith. Theology is important, but without faith and without accepting that Holy Spirit can influence us, theology will only make a philosopher of you. If you think too much, question too much, you will only be confused and weakened. Instead of living with faith, you will worry about some small detail from the Bible. You will worry how to interpret it instead of waking up everyday and facing challenges head on with the faith knowing that God will help you.

Bible is probably the most important book that you will ever read it in your life. This book has its own way to unlock you a doors into understanding the reality, but unless you don’t accept the mystical parts of it, you will never be fully transformed. To understand Bible, a level of maturity is needed. Growing up in modern-liberal world, I had difficulties understanding it. First time that I read Bible, I thought to myself that this book is completely barbarian book and that it got nothing to do with the almighty God. But with the prayer and help of Holy Spirit, a door of understanding had been opened to me. My problem was the fact that I have been struggling in my attempt to understand Bible and what does God wants from us, intellectually. And it did helped me a lot, but in the end I discovered that all those details are not that much important. What is really important is the fact that we accept the Christ as a savior, that….

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