Femininity #2 – Mary as a Role Model

As a woman, there is not much role models in the Bible. Definitely the biggest role model is Mary, a mother of Jesus. She gave birth to a Jesus, the savior of the whole world, a Son of God. Her conception was by the Holy Spirit. She was a virgin and a pure woman. Many Christians are not acknowledging her importance but truth is, she gave a birth to Son of God. Of course that she is important and that she holds a high place in the kingdom of God.

She is a mother to whole humanity. And what ”mother” represents? It represents the happiness, security, warm hug, a smile, care, kindness, a sacrifice of her own happiness for your happiness… Mary is a great symbolism for mother because she is a mother of God, a Son of God who is also a part of God. When Jesus was crucified, she was the most hurt. She was probably in worse pain than Jesus. Imagine witnessing your son, a human being that came from your womb, to be crucified and killed by such a brutal death.

As I said, Mary is the best role model for women. Of course, a regular woman can never achieve the status of Mary. That is ok. You are a mortal and…

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