Random Thoughts #2 – Be Thankful to God

Many people take by granted the fact that you are alive right now. Can you imagine how lucky you are to be alive? This planet is old thousands and thousands years. Billions and billions people have already passed away. Their time is gone. But you are not one of those people. You are alive right now. Can you imagine how rare is actually to be alive? Especially knowing that on every second everything could end. We don’t know how much time we have left. Instead of relying on our limited logic and intellect, we should thank God each and every day that we are alive. Many people are claiming that this life is created by accident, that life has no purpose and that we are created from the Big Bang. These people deny the existence of God and they deny the role of Jesus Christ that He payed for whole humanity. Many people get lost in theological abstractions and discussions. The fact that you are alive right now is miracle. Isn’t that strong enough proof that God is real? Why are you denying God? This life is so complex and everything is connected and it works together. This life is like a big puzzle. And you believe….

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