Random Thoughts #3 –  Kids Need Attention

Once I was at some gathering. There were many parents with their children. Parents were inside the house talking and kids were outside playing. Being 20+ years old, I didn’t belong in either social circle. Too young to be with the adults and too old to be with the children. In the beginning I was with adults. I listened to their conversations. Here and there I would say something but nobody were really taking me serious to engage me in deeper conversation. Soon as I became bored with the pessimism of the adults, I decided to go out to get some fresh air. As I went outside, children were playing. Since some of those children knew me, they came to me to tell me that there was a one boy, lets call him Billy, and that he has a knife and that he is threatening them. I told them to show me this boy and they point finger to him. When I looked in his direction, he was throwing rocks and stones on the other children. I came close to him and I told him that he cannot do that. He was not very happy with my approach and his response was aggressive. He started throwing stones at me as well. But since I remained calm and kept approaching him, he recognized that I am an authority for him. As I came close to him, he took his knife and he started waving at me. I disarm him and…

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