Femininity #3 – Abortion

I will be real, abortion is one of the most terrible things that you can do. If you have aborted before, God will forgive you if you sincerely realized that you made the mistake and you ask God for forgiveness. If we read the Bible, we can see that God forgives everyone who repent their sins and mistakes sincerely. So, God will forgive you. But really, abortion is terrible thing. It is a murder of innocent child. It is a murder of child that God created. Children are gift! It is a sign that you are a selfish person.

I have talked with several people who have a positive outlook on abortion. All of those people told me that it is ok to abort because child is not born yet and they are not alive yet. In their explanation, you didn’t murder alive human being. Well, my response is always that this ”thing” that you aborted would become alive human being if you gave it a chance. If you didn’t abort this child, that child would become alive. So yes, you did murder alive human being. Imagine if your mother aborted you!

Aborting a child is a definitive move against God. You are stopping the God’s creation. But you didn’t murder just this child. You also murder the children of that unborned child. You murder the whole family tree by aborting this one child. If that child was born, that child would have his own family and children. You killed…

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