Random Thoughts #4 – Anxiety

Anxiety. We all suffer from it. Some people are experiencing it in small doses and other people experience it in bigger doses. Some people are paralyzed by anxiety and other people are fighting through it and are refusing to become slaves of it.

What is anxiety? We are born to be free. God created us as free human beings. In the beginning there were no pain and death. Adam and Eve were naked but there was no shame. There was no anxiety. Life was peaceful. But, since evil exists and Satan exists, he seduced the Adam and Eve and they have sinned against God. The first sin was immediate fall from grace. Anxiety, fear and worry kicked in. ”I am naked”. We know how they started to worry when they realized that they are naked.

Anxiety is coming from the sin. If you have sinned a lot and you haven’t repent your sins and you didn’t change your behavior, you will be very anxious person. If you have killed someone, if you stole something, if you lied to someone, if you got drunk or high on drugs, if you have offended your father or your brother, if you have done some disgrace to God or Jesus…. You won’t be able to sleep peacefully at night. Your conscience will haunt you. Your soul will become burdened and heavy. Slowly you will be losing joy and ability to relax. Sins are destroying us from the inside.

On the other side, we have ”nice polite guys”. They are not harming anyone, they are not lying, stealing, killing, hurting… but, they are still anxious. Why? They are good guys. They will help old lady to cross the street, but still… They are lacking vital energy. They are timid, too closed and their soul is heavy as well. This passivity is a sin. In fact, it is a deadly sin. Usually those nice people that seem like they will never hurt anyone, are the ones that are addicted to pornography, drinking, drugs, food.. They are prone to complaining and having a small timid spirit. Of course, on the outside you will never see them drunk or drugged. You will never hear them complaining. But on the inside, they are destroyed by the sin. Idle mind is devil’s playground. If you are lazy and you are not doing anything with your life, expect to have a burdened soul. Anxiety is running deep for those people. They are so paralyzed by anxiety and their passivity that they cannot make any constructive move in their life. They are just running in the same circles all the time. Those circles are destructive one. They are running and running, but they are not getting anywhere. They just become more trapped into this spider-web of anxiety. Many people become suicidal.

This planet has become filled with sins…

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