Adventure Trip #1 – Plitvice Lakes

On the 7th of January 2023. I went with my brother, aunt and uncle on a trip to Plitvice Lakes. Plitvice Lakes are located in Croatia. It is National Park of Croatia and it is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. All I can say that it is a great place to visit. This is not the first time that I visited Plitvice Lakes. When I was child, I went there. Whole trip I was just admiring the creation of God. Here are some of pictures from our trip:

Thank you Lord for such a great day!!!

This is at the entrance. Bear is symbol and logo of Plitvice Lakes, and also, one of my most favorite animals.

One part of the trip you can take this boat to transport you to other side of lakes. From there you can return walking or you can take a bus back.

These are photos of me and my brother.

These are photos of me, my aunt and my uncle.

On our way back to Zagreb we stopped at Rastoke village. Also a great and beautiful place.

The whole trip was fun. Sometimes we just need a break from our daily routine and we need to go somewhere to change our surroundings.

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