Random Thoughts #5 – Skill of Self-Reflection

One of the most important skills is to know how to self-reflect and how to analyze your thoughts. We all are experiencing bad days sometimes. When I have a bad day, usually I try to figure out why did I had a bad day. I try to analyze my thoughts for that day so that I can come to conclusion what went wrong. I am trying to reflect upon what was going through my mind on that day and very often I figure out that nothing good, smart or constructive had been going through my mind. My mind was just idle for that day. I was thinking about stupid meaningless things or I spent too much time on fantasizing something (in other words, thinking about unreal and unproductive things). Usually I find out that my thoughts were not focused on something constructive but rather my thoughts have been broken, not connected and my mind was distracted.

90% of our problems are mental. Once when we understand that problem is in our head and that we are creating it with our thoughts or we are creating it because we are allowing passivity into our minds. Passivity leads to poor results and poor results leads to unfulfilling life.

We have to be mentally sharp so….

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