Random Thoughts #6 – Avoid Nightclubs

99% of nightclubs are better to avoid. Young people are called to go out in these clubs. It is a social norm. I remember when I was in high school… I didn’t like nightclubs but still I was going to them because I believed that I am supposed to love them. I tried to force myself to love them, but reality was different. It is too loud, alcohol and drugs are everywhere, drunk aggressive people are fighting, women are dishonoring their bodies by acting promiscuous. Honestly, you have to be a little sick in the head to like such environment. So from the inside I knew that I don’t love nightclubs but I was going just to not be called ”pussy” by my ”friends”. I remember how stressful it was for me. I was worrying, what if some drunk maniac attacks me.? What if I will have to dance with some girl.? What if I will have to kiss a girl.? It was all too stressful for me. For a long time I was believing that something is wrong with me. But now I am realizing that everything is correct with me and problem is in the majority of the population. Some people just feel relaxed and comfortable in the nightclubs.. I am just not one of those people.

As a religious person who believes in Jesus Christ, you….

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