Random Thoughts #7 – Irrational Money Spending on Christmas

In the times of Christmas and holidays, we are forced to spend our money. It is all behind the facade of caring for our loved ones. That is very great. A gift or act of kindness is something that we should practice, for sure. Buying gifts and presents for Christmas, it is good thing. Problem is something else. I have met many people who are spending on Christmas more than they can afford themselves to spend. People are stressful when Christmas comes. Shopping crisis is real. People are driving like crazy to go from one shopping mall to another. Why I am saying this? Because this Christmas I have personally witnessed 6 car accidents. If I haven’t been extra careful, I was almost involved in one as well. People are acting crazy. They go around and they are spending their whole salaries to buy Christmas gifts. Once again, to buy gift is one thing, but to spend your whole salary is another thing. Who are you trying ti impress? Little children? Do you know what children want? They want attention and time that you spend with them. Whenever you buy something for children, in the matter of few days, that thing will becoming boring to them. They will throw it away. Especially these days when children have everything. They have too much of everything. This is why I am saying that children need attention and they need YOU to invest your time and energy in them. Before when there was a big poverty and children were lacking the material needs, then a Christmas gift was something special. These days is usually not that much special. 90% of Christmas gifts that you buy is usually wasted money. Greater gift is to give yourself, to spend time with your family and friends, to laugh, to listen to them, to talk with them. But these days people usually have a list of everybody that they need to visit and they go and they spend cca 1 hour at one place, just so that they can check it off from the list, and they immediately go to other place.

In Croatia, since we are Catholic country, so when some child has baptism, confirmation or some other sacrament, it is usually a tradition that a godfather spends big amounts of money on child. And yes, both of my godfathers did spend much money on me. They bought me a golden chain, a mobile phone, expensive toys, bicycle…. and where are my godfathers today? I don’t know. If they see me on the street, they wouldn’t even recognize me. In the other words, they have stopped whole communication with me. In fact, there was never communication between us, just a family obligation. And now…

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