Random Thoughts #8 – Christians Should not Attack Catholics

It is very popular these days that Christians are criticizing Catholics. I saw many blog posts, videos and books were Christians (Protestants) are saying bad things about Catholics. First and foremost they attack Catholics based on few points. Purgatory, saints, pope, Mary, statues and etc.

One thing is to disagree with someone and totally different thing is to throw dirt at someone. Classical Protestant’s documentaries are showing the appearances of Mary as demonic appearance and that evil woman from book of Revelation they are claiming that is Catholic church. To be honest, that is very bold claim. If it is not true, then that is dangerous blasphemy. God have mercy with them.

We all are Christians and we all believe in Jesus Christ, God and Holy Spirit. We cannot agree upon some details and that is ok. But we cannot attack other Christians. I am not defending Catholic church. To be honest, Catholic church has done some evil things. Still to this day they are protecting pedophiles. Their power and influence in this world is huge. They have lots of money and gold. All this is questionable, no doubt. But there are some great Catholics out there. Since the protestant Christians are always relying on the scripture… From the scripture we can see that God is looking deep in our hearts and He knows who are His people and who are not. And trust…

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