Random Thoughts #9 – Being a Young Christian can be Very Lonely Life

Being a young Christian can be very lonely life. You look around and you see people having fun, having girlfriends, boyfriends, you see people having friends. And you tried to have friends as well. But the truth is, most of the people that you meet, they are not interested in anything good. They are not interested in religion, in God, in faith, in science, in history, in hobby… No, most people can only talk about sports, complaining about politics and gossip about other people. Being a young Christian can be very lonely. Where can you find a handful of true friends? Where can you find a girlfriend/boyfriend that believes in Christ, that wants family and that wants to live a life spread with the prayer? Most young people are not interested in that. If you say that you believe in God, you will be mocked by them.

Other young people go around, they have sex, they have some relationships… And on the other hand, you are alone. It seems that everybody are doing better in this life except you. Truth is of course different. These people are not happy. Most of them will marry a wrong person and in the long run, they will feel the consequences of their actions. But if you grow in Christ, slowly, patiently, one day everything will change for you. You will have the opportunity to experience real deep happiness. That means more than one night stand with some woman or man that you met 20 minutes ago.

But worst thing is, you have no friends. Of course, you have people that you hang out with.. But you don’t have someone who is on the same page as you are.

Like I said, Christian life can be very lonely until you realize yourself as a person. Until you realize your potential…

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