Short Summary of Bible

Bible is a huge book. Sometimes when we read it, we don’t actually understand what we are reading. The first time that I read the Bible, I didn’t understand anything. I thought that I kind of understand it, but now when I look back, I see that I missed the whole point of the Bible. First time reading the Bible is just to get an initial idea and picture, just to build some foundation on which later you can grow in your understanding. At least that was the case for me. For you it may be a different experience. You may read it and be enlighten by it immediately. Also, I read the Bible for the first time in my early 20s. That is maybe the reason why I couldn’t process some of those complex ideas. Now I am in my late 20s… I am probably still too young to understand all the beauties in that book. But I know more now than I knew few years ago.

Here I want to make a short summary of the Bible. I want to bring up immediately the whole point of the Bible. Maybe it will be helpful to you, because I know that I have struggled with understanding some parts of it.

God created Earth, plants, animals and humans. People were living in the garden of Eden. Everything was so peaceful and so blissful. First man and woman didn’t know anything about evil, chaos, feeling disturbed, feeling stressful. If Adam and Eve had a Google, they would never search for articles such ”how to find your inner peace” and ”how to deal with stress”. In fact, they probably didn’t even know what word ‘peace’ means, because they have never felt any disturbance. In the garden of Eden there were plenty of trees. There have been two trees that stand out from the rest of the trees. The tree of Life, and the tree of knowing the good and evil. God forbid Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowing the good and evil. He told them that if they eat from that tree, they will certainly die. People were created to live an eternal life. We are not created to get sick, to grow old and to die. Our bodies are dying, but if we are eating from the tree of Life, we cannot grow old, because the fruit from that tree is rejuvenating us and giving us an eternal life. The other tree, tree of knowing good and evil… The name itself is telling us that evil exists. Of course, Adam and Eve didn’t know nothing about the evil. They were created to live in God’s grace. But evil exists.

We humans are very powerful beings in comparison to the other animals. There are also as well a beings that are very powerful in comparison to us, humans. They are called angels. They have spiritual powers. We people are created in the image of God. Angels are also created in the image of God, but to the higher degree. Later in the Bible, we will see that a group of angels rebelled against God. They turned evil. Why? Why some angels turned evil? Because they had a choice. God is something so complex. He created angels and humans to be like Him, in His image. One characteristic of God is freedom. In the same way, humans and angels have freedom as well. We can do whatever we want. We have been given a freedom from God and to have a freedom from God, that means that we can rebel against God. We can think, feel and do things that are not according to God’s rules. Why God gave us freedom? Because, what is the point of life if you don’t have a choice? Angels had a choice and we humans had a choice as well. Angels rebelled against God. That was evil. What exactly is evil? It is destruction. Angels wanted to destroy all the beauties of God. So evil exists, but Adam and Eve don’t know anything about it. They are living the peaceful life in nature with no worries. They are multiplying themselves and they are enjoying all the beauties that God created. But God didn’t want them to be without choice as well, so he put a tree of knowing the good and evil to tempt them, to give them the choice. God created them and give them the life that was the best for them, but He also gave them the choice to rebel, because once again, what is the point of life if you don’t have freedom and choice? God warned people to not eat from the tree of knowing the good and evil, because the day they will eat from that tree, they will die. And I doubt that people would ever eat from that tree if it wasn’t for Satan. People were naive and they didn’t know anything about Satan, an evil being. Satan came to Eve and told her to eat from that tree. At first, Eve was scared, she didn’t want to eat from that tree because she knew that God forbid them to eat, but Satan was very convincing and innocent in his manipulation that young and naive Eve ate. She was probably not aware of the consequences. Adam followed her steps as well.

And here we are today, we are living in the world full of violence, wars, suffering, illness, death. The God said clearly, the day you eat from the tree of knowing the good and evil, you will die. And that is exactly what happened. From the peacefulness of Eden, we came to this chaos of world. We have met the evil. Now we know the good and evil. Many people today are asking where is God, why he is allowing all this suffering? Well, he is allowing because we are free. He created us to live in peaceful environment, but we rebelled against Him and now we feel the consequences.

After Adam and Eve ate from that tree, God kicked them out of garden of Eden to forbid them to eat from the tree of Life, so that they can’t have an eternal life. We have met death and illness. Humans heart became wicked and evil because they choose Satan instead of God, but still, there have always been some pure just people. For those people God didn’t give up on humanity but rather, He is fighting for them.

We may say, if God is so powerful, then why He just don’t destroy Satan right now? Well, He could, but why He is not doing that, there is probably some reason. But who we are to question God’s decisions? What we know about Him and Universe? Exactly, we don’t know nothing.

After the fall of Adam and Eve, sin entered in the humanity. We all are sinners. Some of us are good people who are committing minor sins, and some of us are evil wicked people that want to destroy this world, to destroy people and to destroy all the beauties that God created. Sin is not something to be taken lightly. God forgives us our sins but we need to pay for them. There is only one way that sins can be paid of, and that is with the blood. Only by spilling the blood, sins can be paid of. This is why in the Old Testament we can see that people need to sacrifice animals in order to pay for their sins. To erase sins, we must pay with life, with soul. And by reading the Bible we can see that God is clearly saying that life of soul lies in the blood. He forbids people to eat and drink blood of animals because in the blood lies the soul of that living thing. By sacrificing the animal, our sins are symbolically transferred to that animal, and after spilling the blood of that animal, our sins are erased. That animal becomes the carrier of our sins and that animal is paying by its life to erase those sins. A chain of sin needs to end up on someone. To not pay with our own life, God created this system where animals can pay for our sins.

Of course, this may be…


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