Labeling Children with ADHD – System needs to be Changed

One of the most important things in life is: education. No doubt about that. What exactly is education? My idea of education is that education is supposed to give you wings. Education should deepen your natural curiosity and widen your horizons. Education should make life more satisfying and interesting. Education is an adventure and a pursuit. You are discovering the mysteries of life and God. Educated person is not gossiping, not thinking about mediocre topics and not talking about hate but rather, educated person has a deep appreciations for all human beings, because education only gives novelty to your soul.

But…. And here comes a big BUT. My idea of education is very idealistic and reality is not so romantic. Our educational system is wrong. Maybe there are some parts of the world where educational system is beneficial to young people, but in my experience (I live in Croatia) educational system is wrong by its default. Everything bad that I know, all the bad habits, bad thoughts, perversions, wickedness… All that I have learned in school. The school taught me how to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, smoke weed, how to be a bad boy in order to be liked, because, if you are a nerd, you are not really interesting to anyone and other kids are bullying you. Teachers and school system is protecting these kids and you as a normal kid, you become a victim of the system. Even in the elementary school, as soon as sexual hormones starts to awaken in our bodies, we have already learned that promiscuous behavior is ok. Some people in elementary school had more sexual partners than me, my father and my grandfather in our entire lives.

Educational system in Croatia is corrupted. Many people have bought their diplomas and they have some of the best jobs in this country. Really educated people are suppressed and they cannot get their shinning spot. But that is another story. I don’t want to talk about that right now.

Bigger problem is that you don’t learn anything in these schools. Young people are leaving the college when they are 25 and they don’t possess any working skills and they don’t know nothing to work. They are not ready to get married. When you are 25 and you realize that you don’t know how to work, that you are broke and that you are not a capable person to take care of yourself and your family… that is a very depressing state.

But even bigger problem than that, is a rise of modern psychology. These people, these modern psychologist, they don’t know nothing about human psyche and human spirit. They don’t acknowledge the God, the Creator of humans and all the rules that He gave us, but rather, these psychologists are inventing their own rules. They have jobs, a very well paid jobs. Their contributions to society is so little and their salaries are so big that they need to somehow make sense of that salary, so they are doing researches. They are writing articles, they are inventing their own philosophy just to give an idea that they are doing something. When in fact, their contribution is really small. One of their new idea is the fact that 70% of children have ADHD. And that makes me really angry. In last few weeks I have witnessed few children and people that I know that are sent to do these tests because their teachers, priests, authorities think that they have an ADHD.

One little boy that is part of my family, this year he will go to the first grade of elementary school. He is really interested in cars and mechanics and he likes to work with his hands. When he plays with his toys, he is later always putting them back to their place without having to tell him anything. Also when he is playing with his LEGOs, he quickly makes connections in his head how to do something and what goes where. Other day I took him to the forest and he figured out how to make a small bridge so that we can cross the stream. In the forest…


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