• Random Thoughts #5 – Skill of Self-Reflection

    One of the most important skills is to know how to self-reflect and how to analyze your thoughts. We all are experiencing bad days sometimes. When I have a bad day, usually I try to figure out why did I had a bad day. I try to analyze my thoughts for that day so that I can come to conclusion what went wrong. I am trying to reflect upon what was going through my mind on that day and very often I figure out that nothing good, smart or constructive had been going through my mind. My mind was just idle for that day. I was thinking about stupid meaningless things or I spent too much time on fantasizing something (in other words, thinking about unreal and unproductive things). Usually I find out that my thoughts were not focused on something constructive but rather my thoughts have been broken, not connected and my mind was distracted.

    90% of our problems are mental. Once when we understand that problem is in our head and that we are creating it with our thoughts or we are creating it because we are allowing passivity into our minds. Passivity leads to poor results and poor results leads to unfulfilling life.

    We have to be mentally sharp so….

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  • Adventure Trip #1 – Plitvice Lakes

    On the 7th of January 2023. I went with my brother, aunt and uncle on a trip to Plitvice Lakes. Plitvice Lakes are located in Croatia. It is National Park of Croatia and it is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. All I can say that it is a great place to visit. This is not the first time that I visited Plitvice Lakes. When I was child, I went there. Whole trip I was just admiring the creation of God. Here are some of pictures from our trip:

    Thank you Lord for such a great day!!!

    This is at the entrance. Bear is symbol and logo of Plitvice Lakes, and also, one of my most favorite animals.

    One part of the trip you can take this boat to transport you to other side of lakes. From there you can return walking or you can take a bus back.

    These are photos of me and my brother.

    These are photos of me, my aunt and my uncle.

    On our way back to Zagreb we stopped at Rastoke village. Also a great and beautiful place.

    The whole trip was fun. Sometimes we just need a break from our daily routine and we need to go somewhere to change our surroundings.

  • Brain Health #1 – Photography

    Our brain health is very important. With age, we lose our mental prowess. It is important to keep our brains exercised. Hobbies are great for development and health of our brain. One great hobby is: photography.

    To capture a moment visually is extraordinary experience. Just a look on the photo is enough to awaken all the emotions and old memories. Each photo has a story. When you look at some photography, automatically something awakens in you.

    Of course, there is beautiful photography that is artistic or emotional expression and there is also an ugly ordinary photo, for example, you take a 100 selfies of yourself in 15 sec. Each of those 100 photos are the same and they are not really special because your purpose was not an artistic expression but rather a narcissistic desire to take a picture of yourself. And there is nothing wrong with taking picture of yourself, but 100 photos in 15 secs is little bit too much.

    Photography as a hobby is great because…. It is visual hobby. Many people are studying or they are working on computer or they are reading books or working with numbers. Their minds are stimulated and overwhelmed with words, computer codes and all the data that they are getting and processing in a day. Sometimes we just need to replace a world of data with the visual world. Instead of thinking in words, sometimes we just need to think in pictures. Photography helps you to escape from the mundane life. When you are taking a photo, you are watching all the details around. You try to add…

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  • Fitness #1 – Why You Want to be in Good Shape

    Fitness and exercising is just that one thing that has the power to make you feel better even after just one training. When people are making new year resolutions or they want to change something in their life, usually they put some fitness goals on their list.

    Everybody wants to get in shape because they know that they are not in good shape. People just feel how with time their body is weakening more and more and they have less and less energy. Good shape represents vitality, health, more energy, better look, more attractiveness…

    Why is it important to exercise? Above we have mentioned some selfish reasons. That is ok. We all want to look good and to feel good. But fitness…

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  • Random Thoughts #4 – Anxiety

    Anxiety. We all suffer from it. Some people are experiencing it in small doses and other people experience it in bigger doses. Some people are paralyzed by anxiety and other people are fighting through it and are refusing to become slaves of it.

    What is anxiety? We are born to be free. God created us as free human beings. In the beginning there were no pain and death. Adam and Eve were naked but there was no shame. There was no anxiety. Life was peaceful. But, since evil exists and Satan exists, he seduced the Adam and Eve and they have sinned against God. The first sin was immediate fall from grace. Anxiety, fear and worry kicked in. ”I am naked”. We know how they started to worry when they realized that they are naked.

    Anxiety is coming from the sin. If you have sinned a lot and you haven’t repent your sins and you didn’t change your behavior, you will be very anxious person. If you have killed someone, if you stole something, if you lied to someone, if you got drunk or high on drugs, if you have offended your father or your brother, if you have done some disgrace to God or Jesus…. You won’t be able to sleep peacefully at night. Your conscience will haunt you. Your soul will become burdened and heavy. Slowly you will be losing joy and ability to relax. Sins are destroying us from the inside.

    On the other side, we have ”nice polite guys”. They are not harming anyone, they are not lying, stealing, killing, hurting… but, they are still anxious. Why? They are good guys. They will help old lady to cross the street, but still… They are lacking vital energy. They are timid, too closed and their soul is heavy as well. This passivity is a sin. In fact, it is a deadly sin. Usually those nice people that seem like they will never hurt anyone, are the ones that are addicted to pornography, drinking, drugs, food.. They are prone to complaining and having a small timid spirit. Of course, on the outside you will never see them drunk or drugged. You will never hear them complaining. But on the inside, they are destroyed by the sin. Idle mind is devil’s playground. If you are lazy and you are not doing anything with your life, expect to have a burdened soul. Anxiety is running deep for those people. They are so paralyzed by anxiety and their passivity that they cannot make any constructive move in their life. They are just running in the same circles all the time. Those circles are destructive one. They are running and running, but they are not getting anywhere. They just become more trapped into this spider-web of anxiety. Many people become suicidal.

    This planet has become filled with sins…

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  • Femininity #3 – Abortion

    I will be real, abortion is one of the most terrible things that you can do. If you have aborted before, God will forgive you if you sincerely realized that you made the mistake and you ask God for forgiveness. If we read the Bible, we can see that God forgives everyone who repent their sins and mistakes sincerely. So, God will forgive you. But really, abortion is terrible thing. It is a murder of innocent child. It is a murder of child that God created. Children are gift! It is a sign that you are a selfish person.

    I have talked with several people who have a positive outlook on abortion. All of those people told me that it is ok to abort because child is not born yet and they are not alive yet. In their explanation, you didn’t murder alive human being. Well, my response is always that this ”thing” that you aborted would become alive human being if you gave it a chance. If you didn’t abort this child, that child would become alive. So yes, you did murder alive human being. Imagine if your mother aborted you!

    Aborting a child is a definitive move against God. You are stopping the God’s creation. But you didn’t murder just this child. You also murder the children of that unborned child. You murder the whole family tree by aborting this one child. If that child was born, that child would have his own family and children. You killed…

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  • Masculinity #4 – Men Need Careers such as Engineer or Technician

    Logical mind has always been connected with male nature. Old researches are saying that men are more logical while women are more emotional. It is not that one is better than other. A balanced mixture of both is the healthiest. Problem that I see with lots of young men these days is the fact that they are too emotional and they have underdeveloped logical thinking. To not misunderstand me, I am not saying this in any way to belittle anyone. Very often I also react to something emotionally instead of logically. What is very important for men is to do activities that are logical.

    In the world where nothing is certain… People are unpredictable, women are unpredictable, politics and situations in the world are always tense and conflicted, …in other words, life is a chaos. We need reality that is simple and that has only two options: yes or no.

    This is why engineering, computer science, mechanics, technology are great career choice for men. When you engineer something or when you fix some mechanics… things are either working or they are not working. If your car stops. You will either fix it or you will not fix it. There is nothing in between. It is very simple. World of logic is a simple one. Logic is great for…

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  • Random Thoughts #3 –  Kids Need Attention

    Once I was at some gathering. There were many parents with their children. Parents were inside the house talking and kids were outside playing. Being 20+ years old, I didn’t belong in either social circle. Too young to be with the adults and too old to be with the children. In the beginning I was with adults. I listened to their conversations. Here and there I would say something but nobody were really taking me serious to engage me in deeper conversation. Soon as I became bored with the pessimism of the adults, I decided to go out to get some fresh air. As I went outside, children were playing. Since some of those children knew me, they came to me to tell me that there was a one boy, lets call him Billy, and that he has a knife and that he is threatening them. I told them to show me this boy and they point finger to him. When I looked in his direction, he was throwing rocks and stones on the other children. I came close to him and I told him that he cannot do that. He was not very happy with my approach and his response was aggressive. He started throwing stones at me as well. But since I remained calm and kept approaching him, he recognized that I am an authority for him. As I came close to him, he took his knife and he started waving at me. I disarm him and…

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  • Random Thoughts #2 – Be Thankful to God

    Many people take by granted the fact that you are alive right now. Can you imagine how lucky you are to be alive? This planet is old thousands and thousands years. Billions and billions people have already passed away. Their time is gone. But you are not one of those people. You are alive right now. Can you imagine how rare is actually to be alive? Especially knowing that on every second everything could end. We don’t know how much time we have left. Instead of relying on our limited logic and intellect, we should thank God each and every day that we are alive. Many people are claiming that this life is created by accident, that life has no purpose and that we are created from the Big Bang. These people deny the existence of God and they deny the role of Jesus Christ that He payed for whole humanity. Many people get lost in theological abstractions and discussions. The fact that you are alive right now is miracle. Isn’t that strong enough proof that God is real? Why are you denying God? This life is so complex and everything is connected and it works together. This life is like a big puzzle. And you believe….

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  • Masculinity #3 – Wrestling

    Wrestling is very important sport for men. Boys that are wrestling from young age grow up to be mentally strong individuals. When you are wrestling, you learn to face the challenges instead of running away from them. Boys that are wrestling usually finds the girlfriend sooner than their peers that are not involved in wrestling or something similar.

    But why wrestling? Why not soccer, basketball or MMA or boxing? Team sports are great. Every sport is great. But wrestling is that one discipline that will develop your physical strength but also your mental strength. It will give you confidence to walk around knowing that if someone attacks, you are able to fight back and defend yourself. When you wrestle, it is usually your willpower with the willpower of the other man. In other words, it develops your willpower and competitive spirit. There is just something magical about wrestling and the effect that it has on the person’s character.

    Ok, that’s great, but…

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