• Random Thoughts #9 – Being a Young Christian can be Very Lonely Life

    Being a young Christian can be very lonely life. You look around and you see people having fun, having girlfriends, boyfriends, you see people having friends. And you tried to have friends as well. But the truth is, most of the people that you meet, they are not interested in anything good. They are not interested in religion, in God, in faith, in science, in history, in hobby… No, most people can only talk about sports, complaining about politics and gossip about other people. Being a young Christian can be very lonely. Where can you find a handful of true friends? Where can you find a girlfriend/boyfriend that believes in Christ, that wants family and that wants to live a life spread with the prayer? Most young people are not interested in that. If you say that you believe in God, you will be mocked by them.

    Other young people go around, they have sex, they have some relationships… And on the other hand, you are alone. It seems that everybody are doing better in this life except you. Truth is of course different. These people are not happy. Most of them will marry a wrong person and in the long run, they will feel the consequences of their actions. But if you grow in Christ, slowly, patiently, one day everything will change for you. You will have the opportunity to experience real deep happiness. That means more than one night stand with some woman or man that you met 20 minutes ago.

    But worst thing is, you have no friends. Of course, you have people that you hang out with.. But you don’t have someone who is on the same page as you are.

    Like I said, Christian life can be very lonely until you realize yourself as a person. Until you realize your potential…

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  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation #1 – Cut the ‘Average’ People out of Your Life

    People that we hang out with are determing the outcome of our life and results. Poor choice regarding the friends that you allow in your small circle will put you on the road of bad habits and poor thoughts. Relationships should develop you as a human being. Everything that you do should develop you as human being.

    When I am writing about friendship and making poor choices, I feel many regrets inside myself. My whole life I was hanging out with the wrong people. With the people that are below me in their potential and knowledge. It just lead me to stupify myself. Instead of developing myself, I was stupifying myself. Instead of making my mind richer with constructive thoughts, those friendships only produce poor thoughts in my mind.

    If you want to succeed in life, you have to…

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  • Random Thoughts #8 – Christians Should not Attack Catholics

    It is very popular these days that Christians are criticizing Catholics. I saw many blog posts, videos and books were Christians (Protestants) are saying bad things about Catholics. First and foremost they attack Catholics based on few points. Purgatory, saints, pope, Mary, statues and etc.

    One thing is to disagree with someone and totally different thing is to throw dirt at someone. Classical Protestant’s documentaries are showing the appearances of Mary as demonic appearance and that evil woman from book of Revelation they are claiming that is Catholic church. To be honest, that is very bold claim. If it is not true, then that is dangerous blasphemy. God have mercy with them.

    We all are Christians and we all believe in Jesus Christ, God and Holy Spirit. We cannot agree upon some details and that is ok. But we cannot attack other Christians. I am not defending Catholic church. To be honest, Catholic church has done some evil things. Still to this day they are protecting pedophiles. Their power and influence in this world is huge. They have lots of money and gold. All this is questionable, no doubt. But there are some great Catholics out there. Since the protestant Christians are always relying on the scripture… From the scripture we can see that God is looking deep in our hearts and He knows who are His people and who are not. And trust…

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  • Masculinity #5 – Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Entrepreneurship and innovation are two most important skills that one man needs. If you have entrepreneurial spirit and you are innovating person, then life is never boring. Life is constant adventure. Life is constant new-defying reality. When we are lacking entrepreneurial spirit and ability to innovate, we fall into the repetitive routines and life becomes dull. Some people spent few decades in routines. They live the same day everyday for years. That person loses the spark in their eyes, in their appearance and personality. But when man is taking charge and making some progress, then he has fire in himself and women recognize that.

    Entrepreneurial spirit and ability to…

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  • Brain Health #2 – Our Brain Needs Art and Artistic Expression

    To simplify things, there are only two reasons why people suffer from mental health issue. Of course, there are many more but we will now use very simple perspective on the brain and mental health. Person either has too much or too little art in their life.

    If we divide brain on logical and artistic parts, we can see that brain is in its full form both, logical and artistic. If we rely too much on the logic. We are doing mathematics, computer programming, or we are watching news or reading newspapers… We will suffer from cynicism. We will find fault in everything. Instead of laughing at the shortcomings of the human nature, we become very critical of human nature. When we find ourselves in this state of mind, it means that we are lacking art. We are lacking colors, vivid images, music, jokes, friendships, laughter. When we include art in our life, our life gets new colors. Logic is only black and white with the possibility of the gray.

    We have also mentioned that person can have too much of art in his life. If you are living just based on your emotions, you will make poor life choices. Without common sense, your life will be a disaster, a horror movie. If you lack logic and common sense, you can also suffer from mental health.

    But today we are going to talk exactly about art. Artistic expression. We have all at least felt few times in our lives what it feels like to be creative. We get into flow and everything is just working. It feels liberating. It is freedom, a freedom of expression. Something just feels right in our brain and bodies when we get creative. My question is: why we don’t get creative more often?

    Producing art is great for our brain. It activates numerous neurons in our brain. It discharges…

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  • Random Thoughts #7 – Irrational Money Spending on Christmas

    In the times of Christmas and holidays, we are forced to spend our money. It is all behind the facade of caring for our loved ones. That is very great. A gift or act of kindness is something that we should practice, for sure. Buying gifts and presents for Christmas, it is good thing. Problem is something else. I have met many people who are spending on Christmas more than they can afford themselves to spend. People are stressful when Christmas comes. Shopping crisis is real. People are driving like crazy to go from one shopping mall to another. Why I am saying this? Because this Christmas I have personally witnessed 6 car accidents. If I haven’t been extra careful, I was almost involved in one as well. People are acting crazy. They go around and they are spending their whole salaries to buy Christmas gifts. Once again, to buy gift is one thing, but to spend your whole salary is another thing. Who are you trying ti impress? Little children? Do you know what children want? They want attention and time that you spend with them. Whenever you buy something for children, in the matter of few days, that thing will becoming boring to them. They will throw it away. Especially these days when children have everything. They have too much of everything. This is why I am saying that children need attention and they need YOU to invest your time and energy in them. Before when there was a big poverty and children were lacking the material needs, then a Christmas gift was something special. These days is usually not that much special. 90% of Christmas gifts that you buy is usually wasted money. Greater gift is to give yourself, to spend time with your family and friends, to laugh, to listen to them, to talk with them. But these days people usually have a list of everybody that they need to visit and they go and they spend cca 1 hour at one place, just so that they can check it off from the list, and they immediately go to other place.

    In Croatia, since we are Catholic country, so when some child has baptism, confirmation or some other sacrament, it is usually a tradition that a godfather spends big amounts of money on child. And yes, both of my godfathers did spend much money on me. They bought me a golden chain, a mobile phone, expensive toys, bicycle…. and where are my godfathers today? I don’t know. If they see me on the street, they wouldn’t even recognize me. In the other words, they have stopped whole communication with me. In fact, there was never communication between us, just a family obligation. And now…

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  • Random Thoughts #6 – Avoid Nightclubs

    99% of nightclubs are better to avoid. Young people are called to go out in these clubs. It is a social norm. I remember when I was in high school… I didn’t like nightclubs but still I was going to them because I believed that I am supposed to love them. I tried to force myself to love them, but reality was different. It is too loud, alcohol and drugs are everywhere, drunk aggressive people are fighting, women are dishonoring their bodies by acting promiscuous. Honestly, you have to be a little sick in the head to like such environment. So from the inside I knew that I don’t love nightclubs but I was going just to not be called ”pussy” by my ”friends”. I remember how stressful it was for me. I was worrying, what if some drunk maniac attacks me.? What if I will have to dance with some girl.? What if I will have to kiss a girl.? It was all too stressful for me. For a long time I was believing that something is wrong with me. But now I am realizing that everything is correct with me and problem is in the majority of the population. Some people just feel relaxed and comfortable in the nightclubs.. I am just not one of those people.

    As a religious person who believes in Jesus Christ, you….

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  • Random Thoughts #5 – Skill of Self-Reflection

    One of the most important skills is to know how to self-reflect and how to analyze your thoughts. We all are experiencing bad days sometimes. When I have a bad day, usually I try to figure out why did I had a bad day. I try to analyze my thoughts for that day so that I can come to conclusion what went wrong. I am trying to reflect upon what was going through my mind on that day and very often I figure out that nothing good, smart or constructive had been going through my mind. My mind was just idle for that day. I was thinking about stupid meaningless things or I spent too much time on fantasizing something (in other words, thinking about unreal and unproductive things). Usually I find out that my thoughts were not focused on something constructive but rather my thoughts have been broken, not connected and my mind was distracted.

    90% of our problems are mental. Once when we understand that problem is in our head and that we are creating it with our thoughts or we are creating it because we are allowing passivity into our minds. Passivity leads to poor results and poor results leads to unfulfilling life.

    We have to be mentally sharp so….

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  • Adventure Trip #1 – Plitvice Lakes

    On the 7th of January 2023. I went with my brother, aunt and uncle on a trip to Plitvice Lakes. Plitvice Lakes are located in Croatia. It is National Park of Croatia and it is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. All I can say that it is a great place to visit. This is not the first time that I visited Plitvice Lakes. When I was child, I went there. Whole trip I was just admiring the creation of God. Here are some of pictures from our trip:

    Thank you Lord for such a great day!!!

    This is at the entrance. Bear is symbol and logo of Plitvice Lakes, and also, one of my most favorite animals.

    One part of the trip you can take this boat to transport you to other side of lakes. From there you can return walking or you can take a bus back.

    These are photos of me and my brother.

    These are photos of me, my aunt and my uncle.

    On our way back to Zagreb we stopped at Rastoke village. Also a great and beautiful place.

    The whole trip was fun. Sometimes we just need a break from our daily routine and we need to go somewhere to change our surroundings.

  • Brain Health #1 – Photography

    Our brain health is very important. With age, we lose our mental prowess. It is important to keep our brains exercised. Hobbies are great for development and health of our brain. One great hobby is: photography.

    To capture a moment visually is extraordinary experience. Just a look on the photo is enough to awaken all the emotions and old memories. Each photo has a story. When you look at some photography, automatically something awakens in you.

    Of course, there is beautiful photography that is artistic or emotional expression and there is also an ugly ordinary photo, for example, you take a 100 selfies of yourself in 15 sec. Each of those 100 photos are the same and they are not really special because your purpose was not an artistic expression but rather a narcissistic desire to take a picture of yourself. And there is nothing wrong with taking picture of yourself, but 100 photos in 15 secs is little bit too much.

    Photography as a hobby is great because…. It is visual hobby. Many people are studying or they are working on computer or they are reading books or working with numbers. Their minds are stimulated and overwhelmed with words, computer codes and all the data that they are getting and processing in a day. Sometimes we just need to replace a world of data with the visual world. Instead of thinking in words, sometimes we just need to think in pictures. Photography helps you to escape from the mundane life. When you are taking a photo, you are watching all the details around. You try to add…

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